Wash Your Hands!

Wash Your Hands!

Do We Really Need Reminding?

Unfortunately, yes. Yes, we need to be reminded about washing our hands.

It really takes a global pandemic for us to start washing our hands? 

We are grown ass adults, folks! Those signs in the restaurant bathrooms are not just for the employees. 

It’s so bad that the President of the United States has sent out post cards to every red-blooded American. Wash your hands – frequently!

For those of you who cannot grasp the concept, here is a list of situations that would warrant a good hand washing.

Wash your damn hands –

  1. Before AND after using the bathroom
  2. Touching something in common areas (ATM keypads/POS Keypads/shopping carts)
  3. Before eating 
  4. Before and during cooking
  5. After handling raw meat
  6. BEFORE touching your face
  7. After sexual activity
  8. After blowing your nose
  9. After doing laundry
  10. Before holding a baby – ALWAYS before holding a baby
  11. After touching your car keys
  12. After handling money/currency


There’s many more instances where washing our hands is a great idea but these are the important ones. 

Feel free to add or correct me in the comment section. 

Remember, folks, this isn’t just important during a pandemic – it’s basic hygiene.

Wash Your Hands Tote
Wash Your Hands T Shirt

A dear friend called me a week ago and asked if I would make her a T-Shirt with Dr. Fauci saying “Wash your hands!” so I did. It was funny to us since we were raised to wash our hands. I decided to keep them in my online store and expand to other items.  Enjoy!

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