Songmics 7 Shoe Rack

Staying organized in a small space

Sometimes it takes moving into a smaller space to get smart about organization. As mentioned in my previous article, I moved into smaller living conditions at the beginning of the year.

As any female can affirm, we have bags, shoes and accessories that need a home all their own. I managed to put a good amount in storage but still needed items for the duration of my stay.

I found this shoe rack on Amazon and, after looking at the rewiews, ordered it.

I had no idea just how many pieces I had to put together until I opened the box. Good lord! I had to mentally prepare to spend an evening assembling this beast.

With a couple of cocktails down and a third in process, I got comfortable on my bedroom floor and proceeded to assemble this unit (I have also used this method to assemble a BBQ once).

Much neater than mine…

Everything was pretty straight forward but I caution one to be extra careful with the connectors — I broke three or four. I cussed and was irrititated but the breaks didn’t impact the integrity of the shelf much at all. It took about an hour to get it completed (the cocktails may have had something to do with the assembly time).

I have a walk-in closet so the size worked out fine. I’m sure it would work with a standard closet but one would have to be a bit more creative to fit it in.

The shelf is sturdy and holds much more than shoes. I have storage boxes for art supplies, media equipment and wine.

Yes, you read that correct, wine. About a third of my wine collection is stacked in this shoe rack. By the time I’m done living here, I may only need a 300sf space — total.





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